Question : Watchguard high collision rate

Our new Watchguard XTM 510 is installed, and my users are not happy. Websites are much slower to load than before. After digging around, I find that the outside interface has many collisions, which explains the slowdown. (41552 after 1.5 hours) The outside interface connects through a media converter to a fibre optic line owned by our utilities company, then out to the internet.
We had a Cisco PIX 506 before, and had to change the interface settings to 10M Full Duplex to minimize collisions. I have tried this setting on the Watchguard, but it doesn't help. Any ideas?

Answer : Watchguard high collision rate

The easiest way is clonizing your har drive. you can use both enterprise tools like "acronis" or just using dd command in linux. This way you do not need to do anything and if you have a full version kernel and modules on your old drive after  ">> "4.Turn on laptop and see what happens..." you will have a fully functional Linux. like the one you have been using on your desktop.

If  you have experience in installing and repairing boot loader you can just copy whole the HDD data on your new disk and then try to repair it. In the case of SuSE its too easy but in ubuntu it is more complicated.

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