Question : Exchange 2010 on Windows Server Enterprise 2008 SP2 Locking Up

I have a production Exchange 2010 Rollup 4 server on Windows 2008 Enterprise Sever with SP2.  This is a VM hosted on a Dell Power Edge R710 with ESX 4.0.0 build 261974 (the latest build).  The VM is configured with 4 processors and 12 GB of RAM.  We are in a relatively small Exchange environment, 75 mailboxes, with a single exchange server.  I have an old Exchange 2003 SP2 server with no mailboxes that I have transitioned from and will be decommissioning soon.  We have a separate BES that connects to exchange and GFI Mailarchiver that runs on the exchange server itself.  The server has ESET NOD32 on it with the recommended exclusions but the server crashes even when NOD is disabled through the NOD32 control panel.

The server freezes completely at varying times between every 12 to 36 hours.  No apparent rhyme or reason to the timing. Can be during the middle of the night or during the day.  I see no errors or warnings in the event logs before the freeze. When frozen, the VMware vSphere logs show 100% CPU usage.  I have to reboot the VM to get the server going again.  After the reboot the server runs fine.

Answer : Exchange 2010 on Windows Server Enterprise 2008 SP2 Locking Up

It has the most up to date tools installed. I am going to try and uninstall the AV and see what happens.
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