Question : Not showing index/intro page if already seen by the user

I have built a Flash intro page which if you go to the website for the first time you will see. This will be embedded into an HTML page.

What I want to do so not to annoy users by seeing this intro page every time they visit the site is insert a cookie so that if they are returning visitors, the intro page (index.html) will be skipped and they will go straight to a specified page (for example, about-me.html)

Any anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

Answer : Not showing index/intro page if already seen by the user

You're suffering from an USN Rollback. Snapshots may NOT be used as a backup method for DCs, you may only use AD aware backup methods; snapshots/imaging are not AD aware.
The usual recovery method would be to forcefully demote the "reverted" DC, clean out the AD of it, seize any FSMO roles the DC might have held, then repromote it back again; but I'm sorry to say that I have no idea how the Exchange Server on that machine will react to that.
More about this here:

Considerations when hosting Active Directory domain controller in virtual hosting environments

Appendix A: Virtualized Domain Controllers and Replication Issues

How to detect and recover from a USN rollback in Windows Server 2003
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