Question : Mouseover on div.a changes layout of div.b (pure CSS)

Take the following html. Is it possible to get the following effect: hovering the mouse over AAA results in the change of the layout of BBB. I can do this in javascript, I just wonder if there is a pure CSS solution. I cannot use absolute positioning.
<div class="a">AAA</div>
<div class="b">BBB</div>

Answer : Mouseover on div.a changes layout of div.b (pure CSS)

I have put this code  - from this queston

But used it in the on current event of the main form:

  Dim strLinkCriteria As String ' to keep pop up quote items in sync with the quoteID
    Dim stDocName As String
    stDocName = "sfrmQuoteCostingItem"
    stLinkCriteria = "[QC_quoteID]=" & Me![txtQ_quoteID]
    If CurrentProject.AllForms(stDocName).IsLoaded = False Then
          DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName
    End If
    Forms(stDocName).Filter = ""
    Forms(stDocName).Filter = stLinkCriteria
    Forms(stDocName).FilterOn = True

So far so good but I am not sure I will run into difficulties using a pop up form.

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