Question : Pix  506 to Draytek VPN


Can anyone please advise if it possible to configure a site to site VPN between a Draytek router and a PIX 506. The main issue which i believe will prevent this from working is the fact that the Draytek does not have  a static external IP address - this is allocated by the ISP's DHCP server(s). The peer configuration section in a PIX will only accept an IP address, not a host name (dyn dns etc).
The PIX does have a static external IP .



Answer : Pix  506 to Draytek VPN

A pix firewall should allow a dynamic client by using the peer Ip as
This will work on most vpn firewalls.
Have you tried it?

the link shows the idea between to pix units and so it shoud still work fine with a draytek just so long as the unit with the dynamic address dials the static address unit.
If you have tried it, then I will keep quiet and stop harrasing you.
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