Question : Getting an operation failed error when logging into the Plesk Panel

When I log on and access file manager I get the following error
Plz help

The operation you were performing failed. You can retry the operation with or without changing its parameters. You may also want to report this problem to our support so that we could help you as soon as possible.

FileList::init() failed: ls_dir_wrapper() failed: Unable to change the user (fullenter10ment) password: (2245) The password does not meet the password policy requirements. Check the minimum password length, password complexity and password history requirements.
---------------------- Debug Info -------------------------------
0: FileManagerUIPointer.php:709
      FileManagerUIPointer->accessItem(string 'GET', NULL null)
      plesk__client__domain__hosting__file_manager->accessItem(string 'GET', NULL null)
2: UIPointer.php:601
      UIPointer->access(string 'GET')
3: plesk.php:43

Answer : Getting an operation failed error when logging into the Plesk Panel

The reason of the issue is that password of domain owner account is not synchronized with corresponding record in Parallels Panel database.
To fix that take the following steps:

1. Login to the server by RDP;

2. Retrieve password of the domain owner from Parallels Panel database running this command:

"%plesk_bin%"\dbclient --direct-sql --sql="select su.login, a.password from accounts a, sys_users su  where and su.login='USER1' "

login       password
USER1  [email protected]

where USER1 is an owner of the domain, can be taken from the error.

3. Synchronize system password with accordance of retrieved one as follow:

net user USER1  [email protected]
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