Question : Can I make an iPhone operational "without SIM" card (very good reason to-read please)?

As always, no amount of research could answer a logical question without begging the same question. <sigh>, thus is technology.
Naturally,  Apple has no understanding of simple logic (what a shocker). As embarrassing as logical questions are in technology, I thought I would pose this question under a specific scenario to see if anyone could answer it. If I seem bombastic I apologize. People should simply say "I do not know" rather than answer in riddles. Here is the case:

What if wanted to operate an iPhone without the existence of a physical (PHYSICAL,material and tangible)  SIM card? The reasons are not important (HOWEVER, there are so many reasons). I know it seems to be an easy answer but most people answer by begging the question (you need a SIM card). Other jokers say I do not need a SIM card yet could simply put this in a certain mode (airplane mode-which would be great if you had a SIM card). I cannot GET TO ANY SETTINGS WITHOUT A SIM CARD or some sort of 'activation' via iTunes that is nebulous (as always). Some will claim the iTunes version is important (I have the latest as of this date) yet this is as useless also.

There are several ways to do this. I want to see how many are without the usual circular reasoning so common in technology.
Anyone who can answer will save millions of hours in time. Thanks in advance.


Answer : Can I make an iPhone operational "without SIM" card (very good reason to-read please)?

as far as I know you need a sim card.... However, you could get a prepaid $2 sim card that use it...... The phone looks for a sim card.... once it finds it, you can access the phones features even if there is no signal, or the sim card cant connect to the carriers network properly.

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