Question : XenServer 5.5 The Storage repository is not available.

Has anyone ever seen this scenario?

My servers are running on an EqualLogic SAN, but when I shut them down, I cannot restart them (I receive the error The storage repository is not available).  I am at the point where I am trying to run a VMWare standalone converter to get them off XenServer and on to ESX for fear of losing everything on it.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I am absolutely fearing for my life at this point!

I also receive the error SR_BACKEND_FAILURE_47 when trying to migrate a server.

I have googled everything on this!

Answer : XenServer 5.5 The Storage repository is not available.

So it turns out this issue pertains to the fact that the 30mb management LUN (that XenStorage had created on our EqualLogic SAN to allow our VMs to attach to the SR) had been deleted.  Exactly how, we are not sure yet.  With that said, we were able to remain attached to the SR with servers that were still up and running, but as soon as they were rebooted, that was that.

SO, we ended up manually recreating the 30mb management LUN with the exact name as the one that had been deleted, and BAM, I remain in safe employ another day!!  The servers came back up without any issues.  I experienced one of the biggest reliefs of my life last night, as restoring all the downed servers would have cost me dearly...I don't have much sanity left as it is.
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