Question : Eclipse, Create Project from existing source

I love Java, i really do, but sometimes its a major pain in the rear!  Have spent my entire night, 5 hours or so trying to get this running, such a waste of time.

I am following this tutorial...

Step three mentions this process

On the “Create a Java Project” page of the wizard:
Enter “blazeds-server” as the project name.
Select Create project from existing source, and enter “C:\blazeds\tomcat\webapps\samples\WEB-INF”.
Click Next.

Ok, I was just at work today, and I did this, my eclipse had this option.  I have gone home, and my eclipse does not have this option, I have deleted blazeds, deleted eclipse, uninstalled my jdk/jre, and completely wiped java off of my system, I have reinstalled everything, and nothing!  I have a completely different Create New Project Wizard.... i dont get it!?

Answer : Eclipse, Create Project from existing source

using helios I think you need to create a new empty project and import the source into it
another otion would be to not use the default project location
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