Question : How to send email from Outlook when away from the Exchange Server?

Hi, I administer an SBS 2003 server. We have implemented Exchange Server as part of SBS. Email all works fine from within the domain (in the office where the sbs lives). OWA is also working.
One remote user likes to type docs in Word and then 'send' even when away from the office. This means that the outgoing email sits in the 'Outbox' until she returns to Head Office (which might be only weekly).
Outlook automatically configured itself to talk to the Exchange Server, and there is no other email account set up in Outlook. This user has no trouble connecting to the Internet from anywhere, as she has a Mobile Broadband device or connects from one of our other offices - Note: These are different ISPs. Usually it is easy enough to send from Outlook or Outlook Express if you have Interenet access and not using Exchange. Surely it should be easy to get her set up to be able to just SEND email at any time that she has Internet access.
How do I make this option available to her?

Answer : How to send email from Outlook when away from the Exchange Server?

1) If you have ssh access, you can set up keys pretty easily.  No, you can't use a credentials file, but you may be able to pipe the password through, perhaps using expect.  All of the methods are harder than keys, so is it absolutely essential it is passwords?

2) No problem, the -e parameter can be used like this: -e 'ssh -p 2222'

3) rsync by default will only update modified files (by date and/or size)

4) rsync needs to be installed, but does not need to be running as a daemon

5) It depends on the detail of what you want to do - it can be as simple as:

rsync -r -e 'ssh -p 2222'  <local files> <username>@<remotehost>:<destination path>
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