Question : How to configure VRRP

i had configured HSRP failover if R1 will get down R2 (standby router) will become active router. now i want to configure VRRP. i had attached the topology n my HSRP failover configuration.

plz guide me how to VRRP.
how to configure VRRP

Answer : How to configure VRRP

Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) Is an IETF standard an answer to Cisco’s HSRP

VRRP/HSRP Comparison

Active/Standby in VRRP it is called Master/Backup
Standby group now becomes the VRRP Group
Master Router can share virtual IP
One second hello timer, three times hello = down time (+ skew timer)

Enabling VRRP

Perform this task to enable VRRP.

1. enable

2. configure terminal

3. interface type number

4. ip address ip-address mask

5. vrrp group ip ip-address [secondary]

6. end

7. show vrrp [brief | group]

8. show vrrp interface type number [brief]

Please not not all IOS version support VRRP
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