Question : indexed table in snmp trap


i'm using Synapse to write an snmp trap sender. For basic object types, it's quite simple to add an object to the trap:
 SNMPSend.Query.MIBAdd(MIBName, MIBValue, MIBType);
MibName being the OID, MIBValue the value as a string and MIBType the ASN type.
Now, how do you do this for an indexed table? Is there any support for this? How do you add all the rows with their elements to the trap?

Or are there simpler alternatives to this?


Answer : indexed table in snmp trap

You can pass each cell. According to the MIB the other party will know that it receives a table..

so for a 3x2 cell you send (which has the OID {OID})


With the value from the cell from your array.
you need to tag-on the index to the original OID.
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