Question : Dell proprietary XP version?

Can anyone tell me if Dell uses a proprietary version of xp that does not allow you to reinstall expept with the dell OS CD the computer comes with?

We 2 dell machines purchased after July 2008 which will not boot with any microsoft xp cd we have but will boot with the Dell os cd that came with the machine.  When we boot with the microsoft xp cd, it starts to load windows and gives a blue screen error and some numbers starting with 0x00000078.  It gives the exact same error on both machines, and with every microsoft cd we try.  They both boot fine with the Dell CD.  

What I want to do is boot with the microsoft cd and reformat the hard drives.  Does dell build something in to prevent this and can it be circumvented?



Answer : Dell proprietary XP version?

The Dell CD's you are using probably have the proper SATA drivers integrated (slipstreamed) into the discs, and your stock Microsoft disc(s) don't.

Have you tried hitting the F3 key and providing the SATA driver for it to continue?
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