Question : video driver needed

I've been looking for a video driver for my son's alienware aurora 6800 notebook, nVidea geforce go 6800.   In device manager, we're missing the driver for the video controller.  In the display section under adapter, the vgasave monitor adapter is fine, except that there's a conflict with the pci to pci bridge.  The video controller is on PCI bus 2.  Evidently there are two video adapters:  nVidea GeFOrce Go 6800 both, the video adapter and the 3D accelerator.  We're having poor quality on the screen and also random letters & symbols on the startup screen and in DOS when I was doing recoveries & reinstalls.  There was a time on Sunday when everything was perfect after I'd played with drivers.  At one point, Windows actually found me a driver that worked but thought I had 2 monitors which I don't.  Windows XP home eition 5.1.2600.  Thanks for the help!  

Answer : video driver needed

When you say "in DOS", do you mean you booted up using a DOS recovery disk, or do you mean you were using the command line cmd?  If it was the former, then I would say that you have a bad video card and it needs to be replaced.

Otherwise, I would recommend going to Alienware for drivers, not nVIDIA, as some manufacturers modify the drivers slightly to better suit their custom hardware.

While you're at it, you should update all the drivers in the system.

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