Question : Vmware ESX best practice

I’m looking for some best practice advice on installing VMware ESX in a new environment. The server is a Dell PowerEdge 2950 with 8GB. We are creating a new Windows 2003 domain and I need the following functionality:

Domain Controller – Server 2K3
File server

The will be installed in a K-12 school and they will have maybe 300 computers connections.

Are there any problems building one VM server with all of the functionality above or should this be split up into multiple VM on the same server?

Answer : Vmware ESX best practice

Mutiple - Of Course depends on how many 2003 license you have

Domain Controller should be on its own -  maybe with DHCP and DNS function

Print and File server should be on its own -

THe reason for the split is the ease of maintainence in the future.  Besides, for security reason, although it is under one server, doamin controller should always be on  its own.  Setting a VM and setup physical server should follow the same security principle.
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