Question : Computer boots only so often

I have a Dell Dimension 4800.   It stopped booting, the power light would come on and the hard drive light stayed solid but no beep and nothing on the screen.   So I pulled all connections and put a new power supply in.  It started immediately, so I reconnected the hard drive.   Ran it all last night.   This morning I rebooted and it did the same thing as the original issue.   NO beep, nothing on monitor.  So I shut it down for a couple hours.  It started right up again with an error message saying "Previous attempts at booting this system have failed Checkpoint Clk0.  For help in resolving this problem please write down this checkpoint and contact Dell Technical Support."    Also the lights in back are all green except "D".   That one is amber.   Then when I get by this error message, all 4 are green.   Any ideas?

Answer : Computer boots only so often

One thing with the new NAT code is that there would be many ways to accomplish the same thing. They have give us this new code so that it is a lot more granular but at the same time until it is worked with it will be much more complicated. So here you go it should be pretty close to what you are looking to do.
Also this document I found to be very helpful while learning this:

object network nat-range1

object network pat-ip1

object-group network nat-pat-grp
network-object object nat-range1
network-object object pat-ip1

object network my_net_inside
nat (inside,outside) dynamic nat-pat-grp interface

this will get your inside talking outbound, using the NAT range first and then overloading to the PAT IP address of

object network my_net_objdmz1
nat (dmz1,outside) dynamic nat-pat-grp interface

object network pat-ip2

object network my_net_objdmz2
nat (dmz2,outside) dynamic interface


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