Question : WSUS clients disappear when syncronising

Hi Guys
I am running WSUS 3.0 with sp2 and have got one huge issue.
Half of my users are not always around and only get updates when they come into the office. Bandwidth problems mainly, i work in central Africa so Inet is still a luxury.
My problem is as follows:
My clients update fine.
Whenever i manually hit the synchronize button all of my clients that are 100% patched disappear.
then i have to wait for them to come back in and resync at some point in time.
Does anyone know what is causing this and what to do about it?
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Answer : WSUS clients disappear when syncronising

what happens is synchronizing causes new updates to be available and since the computers haven't received the updates, they are no longer up to date.  Once they come into the office, they check in and synchronize then they are up to date.  Does that make sense or sound right?
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