Question : Dual bands and my laptop

i just installed a et gear WNDR3700

i am perplexed by the dual band....  perhaps someone can lend me some guidence.

firstly, it supports " N"... yet my old laptop only received upto "G"   but it connected.    so does that mean my linksys WRT150N    was broadcasting in dual band?"
my current net gear  WNDR3700  has both 2.4   and 5 GHZ     is oneof those the N and the other the G
my older laptop only see the 2.4  broadcast, while my mac sees both the 2.4   and 5.0.... i just do not understand how that is so...

any info will light     up my dark corner of not understanding   :)

Answer : Dual bands and my laptop

Yes in dual band there are two Wifi to see. the 2.4 is the G and the 5 is the N. If you have an N card in your computer you will see both if int a B/G card you will only see the G.

The WRT150N was not a dual band, it was single.

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