Question : Gmail keeps hiding "all messages" label in the menu


In my gmail account i have different labels to keep everything organised.
I have about 7 of them, all shown in my menu.

I justed logged in to my gmail again, to find out, suddenly the menu does not show the system label "all messages" anymore.
Next to my own labels, the own messages label is one i use very often.
I can click "more" on the bottom and add it again. But as soon as i click, inbox, refresh, or anything else, it is hidden again.
There seems to be no way i can make it stay visible.
I am using firefox, but also tried internet explorer, who has the same problem.

I googled this already, but did not find anything that could help me in the first instance...

Thanks for the help.

Answer : Gmail keeps hiding "all messages" label in the menu

apparently it is a known issue on google, i just found out.
It seems they are working on it.
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