Question : Arcserve will not load second tape

All, I am having a problem with backups on Arcserve that span multiple tapes, and would appreciate your assistance.

Software: Arcserve 11.5 SP1
Library: Quantum Superloader 3
Drive LTO-2
OS: Windows server 2003, SP2

Problem : I have set up a backup across 4 systems, that should span 2, possibly 3 tapes.
After the first tape is full, Arcserve always “requests” another tape, that is it will not locate and load it itself. It looks as if it is unable to determine what the next tape should be.

I have probably missed something obvious here as I am not familiar with Arcserve.
This is a one- off backup, to get a copy of everything prior to implementing a GFS scheme.

I have made the media available in the following manner.
1)Created a pool called Archive
2)Erased and formatted 3 tapes called ARCHIVE-FINAL
3)moved them to the ARCHIVE pool scratch-set

In the destination tab of the backup job, I have selected a device to start backing up to and have specified the name of the tape.

In the global options / backup tab, I have selected the following options

1)Options for first Backup Media
- Overwrite Same Media Name, or Blank Media
2)Options for Additional Media
- Overwrite Same Media Name, or Blank Media first, then Any media

When the first tape is full, Arcserve puts up a message box

“Please mount a blank media to continue the backup”

If I load (via the Quantum library management page) the next tape I expect it to use, Arcserve sees a tape was manually loaded, unloads it and then looks to inventory the entire library.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Answer : Arcserve will not load second tape

can't help but recommend updating to SP4, not even sure if 11.5 will run correctly under 2003 SP2 without it.

With a tape library the default Device Group contains all the slots. Often users create their own Device Groups. Make sure all these tapes are in the same Device Group and the job is configured to use that Device Group.

If the Device Window does not correctly show all the tapes then run a Regular Inventory.
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