Question : Oracle Join null rows.

vrl.exchangeid is null and so is exc2id sometimes.Since, null is not equal to anything join is not returning any rows for that user 'radix'

I tried to use coalesce and case statement still it doesn't return anything. Am I doing anything wrong in the query?


select * from vrolelimits vrl join vuserroles vur on vur.roleid = vrl.roleid
join exchg exc2 on coalesce(vrl.exchgid, -1) = coalesce(, -1)
where exc2.test = 0 and vur.userid = (select id from users where loginname = 'radix') and vrl.roleid !=123

Answer : Oracle Join null rows.

if you want null to be replaced with a value use the NVL function

nvl (column, value) it will replace nulls with the valie and other wise just return the data
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