Question : DNS Search List appending to all nebios / dns names

A 2003 domain is connected to another domain (no trusts). To resolve other clients forwarders is defined in the DNS.

To resolve netbios names I have just added the other domains name to the DNS Suffix Search list in GPO.
The settings were applied successfully.

Then I realized that all name will get the dns suffix appended. I have searched the web.

Since internal netbios name resolution would not get the primary DNS Suffix appended first. If I would do a ping on internal-pc1 it would do ping

So I added the the internal domain to the DNS Search list.
This seams to work. But still all dns queries will have all dns suffixes appended as in the link explaned.

What is best praxis for resolving names without using the FQDN of that client.

Answer : DNS Search List appending to all nebios / dns names

.NET has its own FTP classes ...

Or check if this help:

Never used the second link component...
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