Question : An error occurred during directory enumeration...XP repair console

Ok this has happened a couple times but now I have one stuck.
Client calls up and says the PC won't boot, in a windows start up loop. Restart is very quick, dosen't get into loading windows very far at all.
So in the first case i booted with a windows boot disk and tried to go into the recovery console. Instead of asking wich windows instalation I wanted it simply brought up the C prompt. at that point if you try to execute a directory list it returns the error mentioned above. So I took the drive out, scanned it on another system, removed an infected file, put it backinto the system, then loaded the BIOS DEFUALTS< ADJUSTED BIOS as I prefer and the system came up and all was well.

System number two same problem. Removed one infected file, which was on the desktop, ebay link. installed the drive, reset the BIOS and verified settings(did this becuase I thought there may be an issue there) and then tried to boot, got into the start up loop again and same problem when trying to run the recovery console and list the directory. .

Now keep in mind on both systems I was able to see, read and write to the hard drive when I had it attached to my system.
So I am baffeld as to what is preventing the drive from being seen correctly when I put it back into the system.

Help and Thanks.

MIke r

Answer : An error occurred during directory enumeration...XP repair console

While you have the system at the command prompt, try running a chkdsk /p /r. The infected file may have damaged the system.

/p Performs an exhaustive check even if the drive is not marked for chkdsk to run. This parameter does not make any changes to the drive.

/r Locates bad sectors and recovers readable information. Implies /p.
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