Question : Recurring Router problem

We have a home network that has a recurring problem. About two years ago, we started occasionaly losing our internet connection. We could fix it by rebooting the router and the DSL modem. At first this would only happen every few weeks, but it gradually got to be more and more frequent, until it was almost daily. I replaced the router and it seemed to go away. After about a month, it started again, but only occuring once every few weeks. Again it gradully got more frequent until it was again almost daily. Again, I replaced the router, with the exact same result: it worked at first, but has gradually gotten to be a major nuisance. Our current router is a D-Link DGL-4100. The network supports typically about six, and as many as twelve computers, all Windows machines. Anyone have an idea as to what is going on? How can we resolve this short of replacing the router every few months?

Answer : Recurring Router problem

Consider looking at the MTU.  Here is an article I wrote that walks through getting the proper MTU.  Although the second part is configuring it for a sonicwall, the first part is relevant regardless of the router.  Let me know how it goes.
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