Question : Record pone calls in remote desktop

I have a windows 7 terminal, That i remote to with ms remote desktop 7.
Im looking for a simple app that i could install on the remote desktop that would caputre all sound generated on the remote machine.... The prolem with remote desktop is that it redirects the remote machines sound to the local 'remoting' machine...
I know there are registry tweeks and gruop policy changes that can be done, but im looking for a simple solution....anyone have the foggies idea?

Answer : Record pone calls in remote desktop

the terminal server configuration for audio redirection can be amended system wide in terminal server connfiguration (on the terminal server) or at the users end on remote desktop before connecting (options>local resources>remote audio>settings)

ONce you have the audio where you want it, most cheap/free audio recorders will happily capture the audio.
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