Question : Crystal Reports database security

Is there a way to create crystal reports that have the access to the database restricted to what is in the original report? We want to be able to let users have the reports so they can run them using the parameters that we supply, but not to pull other fields in that are not on the report. In other words, they should not be able to make any changes. I know about the report option Save Lock Report Design. This will prevent them from saving a change, but not from making a change and looking at different data while they are in it and even printing and exporting data they should not be able to get to. Any suggestions?

Answer : Crystal Reports database security

Only by limiting them to a viewing application.  If they have Crystal and access to the report files they are free to change them any way they wish.

There are viewers that provide encryption of the report file so the report file can only be used by a licensed viewer.
The users would not be able to open the reports in the Crystal application so long as you controlled the actual rpt files and only published the encrypted files.

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