Question : Couple of Apple questions

I just finished an introduction to Apple MAC basics class and I believe I might be looking into buying a MACBook  at some point in the near future.  It also brought up a couple of questions:

1.  Since I do not like the Apple mouse, is there something else out there besides a pc mouse as an option for a mouse.

2.  Does Mac make anything that is of help for Cisco Engineer's, that differ from Microsoft.

3.  Can Mac's get a Virus or is there anti-virus software or do I even need anti-virus for a Mac.

4.  Is there an alternative to getting an extended battery for a Mac.

5.  Since I do not have an Iphone and since it does hold many applications, are those applications also available on a Mac?

Answer : Couple of Apple questions

I looked at the guides, although there are references to SSL/TLS, it is not very clear.

Take a look at this post named "Alternative SMTP option for use by SSL deprived network devices" on Google Apps site:

This may work:

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