Question : Hyperlinks and book mark

Dear experts,

I am trying to clear all the existing hyperlinks book marks in a word document.

I deleted themy by doing insert and choosing book marks and hyperlinks and deleting all of them.

But in one two location it still shows hyperlink and address popups in small yellow window.

How do i make sure i ahve cleared all hyperlinks and book marks.

I am using ms 2003

Thank you

Answer : Hyperlinks and book mark

A few suggestions:
1. Check the network control panel / TCP/IP v4 properties and make sure that the server's localhost address is entered instead of the server's local IP address.  ie: instead of
2. I've worked with Microsoft on a number of issues after the same scenario.  DCPromo'd a new 2008R2 server, moved FSMO roles, etc.  I had to add a host file entry to the new 2008R2 server to reference ITSELF.  in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts enter  <SERVERNAME> <servername.fqdn.tld> so for a server named server1 in a domain called doman.local with an ip address of I added a line to the hosts file:  server1 server1.domain.local.  
3. If you have another Active Directory server (domain controller) with DNS installed, add that server's IP Address as the secondary DNS Server address for this server.
4. Disable IPv6.  To do this, add a new RegDWORD (32-bit) - to the following:
HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\TCPIP6\Parameters\DisabledComponents = ffffffff
In the network control panel for any adapter connected to your LAN,
- Uncheck IP v6 in the Network Control Panel

Reboot & let's see if you have any success or any new events?
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