Question : Blogger loses Google analytics

Templates no longer show a <body></body> in the Design > Edit HTML > Edit Template view, regardless of whether widgets are expanded or not. I've copied the html to notepad and searched and scanned it.

The problem is that switching to template designer removed the analytics code from a blog I update, and there are no new directions on how to add it.

Answer : Blogger loses Google analytics

This is what I read about adding google analytics in the new templates:
1. Copy the Analytics tracking code
2. On Blogger, go to the Layouts > Page Elements tab and click one of the "Add a Gadget" links
3. Choose "HTML / JavaScript"
4. Paste the Analytics tracking code into the text area
5. Save (window will close)
6. On Layouts > Page Elements, drag the new HTML / JavaScript gadget into your blog's footer. You'll want it to be the last gadget on the page.

Let me know if this works.

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