Question : Redundant .msi files created by Windows Installer.

I am anxious to remove redundant programme records kept by Windows Installer. By redundant I mean records for programmes which have been uninstalled either specifically NOT to be reinstalled, ever, or uninstalled programmes for which I need a clean, raw replacement. I am unclear as to the function of Windows Installer Clean-Up. It appears only to do what its name suggests, namely get rid of some Installer records for a programme - it does not appear actually to remove the files and registry entries for the programme itself. If, say, Windows Search or MS Outlook is uninstalled using both Windows Installer Clean-Up then a standard uninstallation process, records for each (certainly the latter; I am not sure if the former is available to Windows Installer Clean-Up) are still kept. Reinstallation sees various settings, etc., reinstated. I am keen to be able to prevent this. I also want to get rid of completely fully redundant .msi records, namely for programmes which will never be reinstalled. Many of these files possess indecipherable file names. So, you cannot just delete those which are no longer required by looking for the uninstalled programme's name or author. I am keen also to use C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up\MsiZap.exe via Run. But, again, need to be able to identify specific files for it. Basic question is: how do you find all .msi files relating to a specific programme, please?

Answer : Redundant .msi files created by Windows Installer.

C cleaner is a clean up program used to remove unused files, folders etc.. It is widely regarded as one of the best wipe utilities on the market. It can scan specific file and folders or the whole drive. Removes virtually all file types cna be difficult to recover files that have been cleaned by this program. (kinda gives you an idea of how through this program is. It is made by a British Company called piriform. they have other very useful tools as well.
Here is the primary site link:
The program can be paid for via a donation. However it is available for free under alternative downloads.\
Updates are favored to those that have paid for the product. Hope that helps.:)
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