Question : Query not inserting rows into table

I have a ms access file which having a table "tblApplication" and a query "qryApplicationServers" which contains some rows.

My problem is, i am not able to retrieve the results when i use the plus symbol in the results of the table,application name column and its corresponding row should populate when i use the plus symbol in the application ID column.

I expect results from  "qryApplicationServers" to "tblApplication" for the particular selection criteria ..

Table and Query design attached ..Please have a look!! Thanks!!

Query code has been shown below Code

Please help!!!
SELECT tblApplication.ApplicationName, tblApplicationServers.BubbleSupportOnly, tblApplicationServers.NotInBubble, tblServer.*
FROM tblServer RIGHT JOIN (tblApplication INNER JOIN tblApplicationServers ON tblApplication.ApplicationID=tblApplicationServers.ApplicationID) ON tblServer.ServerID=tblApplicationServers.ServerID;
Plus Symbol
Plus Symbol

Answer : Query not inserting rows into table

I noted in your Relationships diagram that the relationships are not one-to-many, which seems odd.  Is there some reason for that?
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