Question : HP 1320 Pinter smudges

Have a HP 1320 approx 4 years old.  Last time toner ran out we tried one of this do it yourself options where you burn a hole and then refill the toner.  Everything appeared to be working fine.

Then we started getting a line of smudges on the pages.  Straight line, every 2 inches and in the same spot.  

We then replaced with retail HP49A toner hoping that would correct it.  It did not and may have actually made it worse.

See attached for example.  Was it the toner that caused the issue? How can we get rid of this?

Example of smudges

Answer : HP 1320 Pinter smudges

Compare the repeat interval distance between the with the table on page 190 of the Service Manual to identify where the problem is.
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