Question : Coldfusion complex query looping

I've got a tricky issue - I have a query that returns a resultset containing consumer data. Each consumer could be in the resultset several times (for each question that he/she has answered). I need to loop through the query for each consumer id and each answer id, and then do a bunch of processing on the other column values until I find the next consumer id. And start all over again for the next consumer. I tried doing a cfoutput group by but that doesn't work - it just groups all the consumers into one row. I need to process every row for each grouped consumer id and then write those values into a structure. I'm kinda lost on this one. Any help is appreciated.

I've attached a screenshot of the cfdump result for the query. As y'all can see, there are several rows for the same consumerid with the answer id. I need to combine all these rows for each consumer and write to a structure and then move on to the next consumer and so on.
query output screenshot

Answer : Coldfusion complex query looping

I think I may have resolved this problem. Here's what I did:

1. On the 2003 Server, I installed the Universal PCL 6 Driver on each relevant printer instance. The installation process was smooth and everything went as could be expected - no hanging, no strange error messages, etc.

2. On the Windows 7 computer I deleted all the network printers. Next I connected to this printer using the following method (written from memory, may not be exact): Add Printer Wizard > Local Printer > Create a New Port > Local Port > \\servername\ExactPrinterShareName > Follow Prompts to Install The Correct Driver From Disk  After installing the printer using this method I simply left it this way.

3. On the Windows XP machines I just deleted the printer instances, browsed to the server that has the shared printers using \\ServerName, and then right-clicked on each printer and clicked on Connect. I didn't have to do this on all of the XP machines. I only did this on the one where the user was reporting a problem.
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