Question : Setting Up Coldfusion Builder to Use A Remote Server

How can I set up my new super cool coldfusion builder to use a remote server (NOT localhost)?

I have a current site set up in dreamweaver that works just fine. The site is hosted at a data center outside our network.

I would like to set up that same site in Coldfusion Builer but in the "New Coldfuison Server Setup" it asks for host name, and webserver port.

Which settings from dreamweaver can I use to populate all the needed fields to set up a remote coldfusion server?

I don't want to use a localhost. I want to use the files on the remote server.

Answer : Setting Up Coldfusion Builder to Use A Remote Server

You have to set up a server in Builder. In the servers tab, (this is at the bottom for me), click the icon with the server and a '+' sign. You will get a Server settings window. The settings on this can vary depending on your host setup, but 'is remote' should be checked. The default port is 80, and works in most cases. I left the J2EE settings blank, because I do not use a special J2ee web server.

Basically you should port your RDS settings in dreamweaver over.

Here is an article for help:
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