Question : Function in excel

  i am trying to put this function using vba so that  when the user makes an entry it will populate the cell value.I need help

 .Range(.Cells(Start_Row, Col_Var(6)).Offset(0, 0)).Address().Formula = "=NaFinder(""employees"",, .Range(.Cells(Start_Row, Col_Var(6)).Offset(0, 0)).Address(0, 0))"

Answer : Function in excel

I'm not sure what you are trying to do.. What is NaFinder()? Is it a UDF? If so, and if you are trying to put the range dynamically, try this:
.Range(.Cells(Start_Row, Col_Var(6))).Address().Formula = "=NaFinder(""employees"", " & .Range(.Cells(Start_Row, Col_Var(6))).Address(0, 0)) & ")"
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