Question : Windows 2008 Network Load Balancing

Hi.  Hopefully someone can help me with the question.

Is it possible to set up Windows 2008 R2 Network Load Balancing using servers in different subnets or do they have to be in the same subnet?

Also, can anyone point me to any articles that cover using NLB in different subnets?


Answer : Windows 2008 Network Load Balancing

NLB doesnt have anything to do with subnets. as long as you have proper routes in place to enable the subnets talk to each other, creating the NLB would be exactly similar to creating nlb on same subnet.

as for how to create NLB on 2008 R2 - please see

it has enough resources to get you started. please read the whole thing instead of trying to get it up and running asap else you may have issues later.
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