Question : NFS share on FreeNAS

Dear Friends,

I'm running an FreeNAS server with a software raid controller, so no data will be lost.
Now I'm sharing an NFS share so my VmWare esxi can run virtual machines.

Sometimes this work perfectly, but when the system is booted the Vmware don't recognize the FreeNAS server anymore. But the FreeNAS is saying that the services (nfs) are working fine. And I'm also getting the errorcode mountd[3631].

Can somebody help me please to fix the system?
Are there other ways for a better system?

Thanks a lot.

Answer : NFS share on FreeNAS

Well error number isn't an error number, it is a job number.   Most likely it is one of several things

1. There are 3 versions of NFS, NFSV1, V2, and V3.  Make sure everything is running same flavor.
2. Check permissions.  Most likely the NFS server has a list of IPs that are allowed to mount, and .4 and .7 aren't on the list.   If you are using DHCP then obviously don't hard-code IP numbers, use fully qualified names
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