Question : Help needed to choose create automated process for data feed FTP upload

Need to create a automated process which will read the sql server 2005 and create a xml file and then upload this file using the FTP

I had too choose between either SQL Server SSIS package to this task or a c# component which will run and scheduled using Windows Services

Please advice which one is best approach and also provide the recource /  link for tutorial to do it with examples


Answer : Help needed to choose create automated process for data feed FTP upload

>>How can I make this process automated so this task will run on specific time everyday<<
after deploying your ssis package, make a sql server job and in the step of job, run this ssis package, you can schedule this job as you want everyday simply.

>>also I have visual studio 2008 and SQL server 2008 on my development machine but on production I have visual studio 2005 and SQL server 2005
what steps I should take to avoid any version conflicts<<
you can not deploy SSIS 2008 packages on 2005 server, so you have three ways:

1- upgrade your production server to 2008
2- use your development machine as Intergration Server ( run the package and job from there ) Note that your sql server data base and your integration server can be different servers, one for database engine service and another for integration and data transfer purpose.
3- create SSIS 2005 packages. ( I don't recommed to downgrade as this way)

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