Question : Autopopulate a subform field from the mainform

Hi team,

I have been able to list a "siteaddress" in a combo box in a mainform., and then  pass the "reference" (key field) from this query to a subform which shows all the current data in a form view in the subform  (single record), so it can be updated.

I have a data entry form which finds the "siteaddress" as above and opens the subform.

If there are entries in the subform table they will display in the subform.  If there are no entries, then a blank record shows, ready for completion.
I need to be able to pass this "reference" (key field) in the mainform to populate the "reference" field in the subform so it always gets loaded.

Currently I have the field as a lookup/select which if not correctly selected will link the subform records to the wrong "master" record.

All help is appreciated

Answer : Autopopulate a subform field from the mainform

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