Question : Flash HitTest Problem

i got problem with my flash. I create a project optimize for 1024x768 screen resolution. To make it compatible with higher resolution, i use calculation with Stage.width so the content will be keep in the center (for the swf i use 100% width).

The problem arise with buttons that use hitTest instead of rollOver... because it seem, when i test on 1440 screen.. hitTest area is not reflect to new position, so it's detect on wrong area.

for example:
go to : and choose domus in middle icon. In home area,in 1440 screen,  when cursor on About Us, the other button doesn't slide to the right... i need to reduce my browser size to 1024 , then it begin to work as intended.

i hope this clarify my situation... i got headache caused by this HitTest problem...

Answer : Flash HitTest Problem

open db in exclusive mode.
tools > security > set database password

two.. it is just like locking a door, you will need the key to open it.
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