Question : BULK UPDATE

Hello Gurus,
This is regarding the BULK UPDATE on 85 million plus records in a table.

The data is categorized three different groups with varied number of records (based on type of data). We are planing to export the records into the separate flat files and perform the update using the Java program and import the updated data from flat file to the a database. We presume this approach will create a less logs in DB server side, maintain backup of data in flat file(s) and less risk as we are updating the data directly in PROD.

Could you please provide your suggestions incase if we can approach with better procedures.



Couple of things:

1. If you have a long password for the account then try trimming it down.
2. If your job is calling a SSIS package where you have mentioned the user and password within the package. Then try to Deploy the package and use ServerStorage or use Filesystem and provide the password in the package configuration window.
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