Question : Problem with Win 7 Pro 32bit unattended setup

Hi Guys,
Need your help.

Currently am setting up unattended setup. Am trying to achieve this.
1) Unattended win 7 installation with no OEM drivers loaded.

2) boot to audit mode to install drivers/appls of the machine through new unattend.xml in audituser mode.

3)Configure profile into another 3rd unattend unattend3.xml which will customise and  then copy the profile to the default user.
What i have done is i successfully created unattend.xml using WAIK and windows can load and go to audit mode. But when installing the drivers in audituser mode, the drivers are installed half way and setup prompts " Windows could not parse or process unatted answer file [c:\windows\panther\unattend.xml] for pass [audituser]. Error detected while processing components for [MS-windows=Deployment]

Steps i did>
Put unattend.xml to usb. Start Win PE, run setup.exe /unattend:f:\attend.xml
Windows start installing and then loads to install drivers, then after installing some drivers. Error pops up.  I have tried to rearrange drivers, suspecting one of the OEM drivers of the notebook could be the problem but do not seems to be so. Weird is also the unattend.xml is in the flash drive! i copy to location specified as error but still also fails

Seems like sysprep in audit mode for auto installation of drivers will fail. BTW the drivers is stored on the network. I have tried separation of the driver instatllation as single or 2 unattend,xml still failed.

Attached is the file.

Pls help

Answer : Problem with Win 7 Pro 32bit unattended setup

Plenty problems with sysprep but not all the same!
This one is close.  See if it fits you
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