Question : broadcom Nic teaming

We have 2 broadcom BCM5709C NetXtreme II Gige adapters and I’m wondering the best way to set them up? Smart load balancing/ link Aggregation (using LACP) or FEC/GEC Generic Trunking?
We have DELL 2824 switches so they are compatible.
Would it be best to make 1 team and have all 4 nics together piped in to one switch then link that switch to the other 2 we have also using 4 ports on the switch for fast bandwidth?

Many thanks in advance
(New to this field)

Many t hanks for your help

Answer : broadcom Nic teaming

Depends on your needs.  If a general file/print server, you could use link aggregation for more bandwidth.  That team will allow ports to fail and still maintain the connection and IP addresses until only one port is left.

I've never had more that 2x GigE.  At that point, I just don't have storage arrays fast enough to keep up with the network speed.  Even at a fast 120MB/sec transfer between two servers with RAID arrays, that's a tick less than 1Gbps over the network.
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