Question : Online Backup


I have several Linux (CentOS and Ubuntu) and Windows servers. I also have other network devices such as Cisco routers and switches, Mikrotik router, etc.

I need a backup solution to satisfy the following needs, totally or partly:
- Backup configuration files from different folders of Linux servers. Some application used on the servers are: Cacti, OpenNMS, Asterisk which all have some text configuration files.
- Backup MySQL databases from Linux servers
- Backup Active Directory information from Windows Server
- Backup Cisco Unified Communication Manager database from CUCM server
- Backup IOS based cisco device configurations
- Backup Mikrotik router configurations
- Store backed up data on both my datacenter and an online datacenter
- Provide version history of backed up files
- Provide incremental backup to reduce storage and bandwidth needed for backup

I have searched and found some providers like which satisfy many of my requirements. I wanted to have other suggestions too because this is a decide-once-use-forever situation.

Answer : Online Backup

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