Question : Custom views in Outlook 2010's Tasks

We just moved a law firm from GroupWise to Exchange.  Needless to say, things they did in GroupWise don't necessarily translate very well into Outlook.  To help alleviate some of the headache, I need to make some custom filters for their tasks.

In the different views for Tasks, we can look at the next 7 days due.  I would like a custom view a la query builder to show the next 30 days as well as the next 45 days.  I'm hoping you guys can tell me how to word the 'value' fields.


Answer : Custom views in Outlook 2010's Tasks

I don't have 2010 loaded yet so I used 2007 to verify that this works.  It should work in 2010 too, but I can't be certain.  For Field I selected "Due Date".  For "Condition" I selected "on or before".  In the "Value" field I entered "30 days".
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