Question : ACT 2009 - How to Move database


How do I move an ACT 2009 (v11) database from the current server (2k3 / SQL 2005 Express) to a new server which is 2k3 / SQL 2005 Standard edition?

I have read various articles on Sage's website but I do not understand how the restore as procedure works.

Am I mean't to install ACT 2009 on the new server then do the restore?

How does it know what SQL server instance to restore into?

Is there a kb article which is straight forward and gives the whole answer not just part of it?



Answer : ACT 2009 - How to Move database

No... you can use SQL Standard.
You need to install SQL first, create the ACT7 instance, then install ACT!
ACT! sees the instance and doesn't care about the engine

Have a look at
See the link on manually creating the SQL 2005 Standard instance

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