Question : user profiles Internet Explorer web pages

So i accidentally deleted all my users when i removed exchange.  i added the user back in AD, but their local profiles recreated themself.  before it was username, now username.domain.  So i logged on as an administrator, remamed username.domain to username2, then renamed username to username.domain and added the user with full rights and full rights to Current User in the registry.  Everything seemed to work ok.  But some of the users can't get to certain pages on the internet if they only have user rights.  If they have have local admin rights they can.  How can i get all the pages to pull up correctly with only user rights?
(xp machines)

Answer : user profiles Internet Explorer web pages

You have to assign ownership of the files to the individual users. Administrators have access to all files on an XP machine. Regular users have access to files they are explicitly allowed and files that they "own." When you deleted the users in AD, you basically erased the SSID for the users. Windows defines file permissions and ownership based on SSID, and translates that ID to the human readable information stored in Active Directory.

To assign permission of the files to the user, right click on the folder and click Properties, then security, then advanced. Click the Owner tab and then Edit. Click Other Users or groups and enter the name of the user. Put a check mark in "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects. Hit OK on everything until you're out of the dialogue boxes.
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