Question : MaxConnections parameter in websphere plugin

Hello Experts,

I want to know , what is the basis of setting MaxConnections parameter in the plugin.

There are 1000 users who access the website. There are 2 WebSphere servers with 5 instances each (total 10 JVMs). This is fronted by 2 IHS servers (windows) . The current maxconnections is 20 .

According to me that would mean 20 x10 (instances)x 2 (webservers) = 400 connections would be the max.

For 1000 users , do I have to change the maxconnections.  ?

Does it mean that these are 400 concurrent unique connections or are  these connections shared among 1000 users ?

Answer : MaxConnections parameter in websphere plugin

The Web server plug-in settings are handled on a per instance basis. For example, the MaxConnections  property specifies the number of pending requests that are allowed on that Web server, for each Web server plug-in instance. If the MaxConnections property is set to 20, and you start three Web server child processes, each of the three Web server plug-in instances allow 20 pending connections to the same application server, which means that there could be up to 60 pending connections
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