Question : Netgear WPS and old computers

Short question:
Do non-WPS wireless cards actually work with WPS? Or just with anything except Netgear? Or just for anyone except me?

Long question:
I have a problem getting old computers to connect wirelessly to modern Netgear routers. The problem, it seems, is a quite new function called WPS (Wireless Protected Setup).
According to the instructions, WPS is the new super way where all you have to do is press a button on the router, then press a button on the wireless card on the computer and everything will work. The problem is this: There is no button on any of the computers I am trying to connect!

Obviously I have to buy a new wireless card from Netgear to get WPS to work on the old computers (I'm talking 2-3 years old here). Now that won't happen. I already have wireless cards in the computers.

Further reading the instructions, I see that connecting hardware without WPS should be easy. Just enter the SSID and encryption settings manually (like in the good old days) and everything should work.
But no. It doesn't. I have tried every combination of settings:
WEP, WPA, With WPS-code activated, without, etc.
When I tried WEP with Preshared key, I got a warning: "Warning! This mode will deactivate WPS!". I was soo happy when I saw that, because that was exactly what I wanted. But you know what? It still didn't work.
Finally I got it to work when I turned off all encryption and set up wireless access control. In the access control settings on the router, I entered the MAC-address for the computers. That worked, but is not a good solution. Because everytime a new computer is to be connected, I have first to find it's Mac address, write it down, take the note to a computer that is connected, enter the mac-address into the wireless settings, wait, go back to the new computer and see if it will now connect.
So, wait a sec. Wireless Access control means that all computers are blocked from the network except those whose MAC-address I have entered, right? So you would think that turning it off should do the trick and allow any computer to connect to the network. Well, only in my head. With the Netgear WPS routers I have tried, all computers are blocked when I turn Access Control off.

I have have this problem with the following Netgear router models:
Netgear Dual Band Wireless-N300 Router, WNDR330
Netgear Wireless-N 150 Router, WNR1000
Netgear Rangemax Wireless-N, WNR2000
All models have been upgraded to the newest firmware, same problems.

I have googled any combination of Netgear, wps, help, can't get it to work, wtf, old hardware, new router,  etc. I can't find anyone else complaining about this. I feel so alone.

So back to the original question:
Do non-WPS wireless cards actually work with WPS? Or just with anything except Netgear? Or just for anyone except me?

Answer : Netgear WPS and old computers

After doing the above, I reinstalled Office 2007. The problem still persists. I will be reinstalling the OS. Closing the question.
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