Question : 1 internet connection, 2 different networks, vlan.

Hi all,

We have one internet connection and 2 different networks at our office, we would like to have those 2 networks use the same internet line to connect to the outside. I don't have much knowledge about VLAN's so maybe you can help me a bit on my way.  

On our main network we have some applications which need to be accessed from the outside , like Outlook Web access, Internet information store, vpn, etc.  so we need to use port forwarding to these server. The other network is being used to repair pc's which in 80% of the caes are being infected with all kind of virusses and spyware so we don't want to have this network connecting to our main network. i know you can split up networks with vlan switches. But how do we connect those 2 networks on 1 internet line. Our current situation is that we have 2 seperate internetline but in a couple of weeks we are going to change that to 1 fiber optic line.

 maybe you guys (and girls) can give us some advice on what kind of hardware we have to look into and how to connect those

Answer : 1 internet connection, 2 different networks, vlan.

They don't have to be Cisco switches you can purchase any router with a switch that has VLAN capabilities.
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